I am a regular speaker at conferences and meetups. Slides and videos can be found below. More talks and slides can be found here.

Conference Talks

GopherCon 2023, San Diego September 27, 2023
Building a Highly Concurrent Cache in Go: A Hitchhiker’s Guide Video

GopherCon 2022, Chicago October 8, 2022
Lightning Talk: Errors: to Log, or Not to Log? Video

GopherCon UK 2022, London August 18, 2022
GopherCon Europe 2022, Berlin July 30, 2022
From Service to Platform: A Ranking System in GoVideo

GopherCon Russia 2019, Moscow April 14, 2019
go generate: One File To Rule Them AllVideo

Golang UK 2017, London August 18, 2017
It doesn’t have to be REST: WebSockets in GoVideo

Meetup Talks

Knowledge Sharing Simplæx, BerlinMay 17, 2018
The Boring Programmer: Best Practices in Go

GoSF Meetup, San FranciscoMarch 23, 2017
Let’s build a concurrent non-blocking cacheVideo

Gopherfest SV 2017, Palo AltoNovember 9, 2017
It doesn’t have to be REST: WebSockets in Go Video

Go Meetup, BerlinNovember 10, 2016
Pact: Consumer-Driven Contract Testing in Go